Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

The intensity of a black, white and red bedroom can be neutralized when a fourth color is added. Paint the bedroom walls marigold, or soft butter. This backdrop is quiet and allows your colors to make their statement in furniture, accessories, textiles and flooring. A white bed, black and red bedding, red accents on black side tables and black and red lampshades are all toned down when placed against the neutral walls just like the ones above – 15 Pleasant Black, White and Red Bedroom Ideas. Also check the invigorating red bedroom designs for more photos which showcase the boldest color!
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Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

The allure of going with black and red along with white in the bedroom is obvious. Combine this color palette with plush textiles and maybe a bit of fur, and you have a bedroom that is inspired by the golden era of Hollywood. Yet other contemporary themes also seem to do well with a dash of red and black, and this is especially true in case of kids’ bedrooms. Since red is such an exciting and passionate shade, it is best not to use it in an extensive fashion even in the bedroom. A few red throw pillows, maybe a red accent wall and some lampshades in black are an ideal way to enliven your bedroom without opting for major renovations.
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Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

Both black and red are bold colors that will provide a modern appearance, while white is mainly used for neutralizing the shrinking effect brought by black and red. So the three colors make a perfect and classical combination for bedroom color ideas. It will bring you dramatic outlooks and various good feelings for you. Check out the 15 Pleasant Black, White and Red Bedroom Ideas we have below.
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Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

Unlike the kitchen and the bedroom, contemporary bathrooms are not all that open to the idea of being painted red and black. Most of us seem to prefer “colors of aqua” and white for a relaxing and soothing bathroom, and this has meant that red, black and white rarely make their way into the spa-like bath. But that does not mean you can’t give this exciting color scheme a try this summer, and dashing porcelain tiles in red and black give you ample opportunity to try out a wide array of patterns and styles.
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Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

When using black and red in the kitchen, proper lighting becomes twice as important, and one needs the right balance between accent, ambient and focused illumination. Since dark red and black already seem ‘deep and heavy’ from a visual perspective, poor lighting can turn your kitchen into a dingy and dull space. To avoid this, combine natural light with a flood of artificial illumination by employing several layers of lighting. A kitchen is a space where you need a blend of aesthetic and functional lighting. So make sure you do not ignore either of these aspects before embracing black, red and white.
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Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

Embrace red all over – This cheerful kid’s room features quite a lot of bright red, but the wallpaper is particularly striking. Whether it’s the whole room or simply a feature wall, red paint or wallpaper can be a great way to bring this vibrant primary into a bedroom in a big way. The crisp white furniture is key to the success of this scheme, cooling and sharpening all the red for an appealing look.
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Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

The graphic combination of black and white works as an accent and an overriding design theme, as demonstrated by this open and airy bedroom designed by Michelle Miller of Michelle Miller Interiors. “We wanted the overall feeling of this bedroom to be very soothing,” says Miller. “But we also wanted to add a bit of whimsy. So, we had a custom headboard fabricated in a bold black-and-white stripe, with nailheads to add a bit of texture. An oversized white lamp with a black shade completes the look without overpowering the room.”
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Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

Hot and cool red, being a warm color, is often paired with other warm hues. Shake it up by mixing it with cool neutrals instead, as demonstrated in this modern and elegant bedroom. It’s a great way to inject red into your bedroom without making the space too energetic.
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I LOVE Red, I love my bedroom color but sometimes I wonder if its scary to others. My mom said it would give me nightmares. haha. My bedroom used to be very girly but we tried to tone it down when the boyfriend moved in! Luckily he likes red too though!, we added some frames above the bed with some of my own b/w photography , Bedrooms Design
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Dedicated biker Red is associated with energy and optimism, so this vibrant feature wall works intuitively for a sport-loving, action-packed teen. Mind you, red also stimulates the appetite so get ready, Mum! The black trim in the bedroom is ideal to display the lad’s current obsession of motorbikes.
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An all-white backdrop ensures that even the slightest pops of black and red stand out with ease. Of course, you can even take the opposite approach and opt for a dazzling living space only in black and red as white takes a backseat. While this makes for a super-glam home, make sure that it is perfectly organized and the geometric symmetry of the room is spot on at all times. Otherwise, the entire room can seem dull and confined due to the overwhelming presence of these two dark shades.
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“One of the greatest design myths is that black will make a space look smaller,” says designer Michael Habachy of Habachy Designs, who used black walls to dramatic effect in this master bedroom. “On the contrary: black walls can make the space feel larger, because it blurs the visual edges of the room. Just think of the night sky, which has a sense of infinite space,” says Habachy.
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In designing any part of your home, black and white is of the options to consider. Both are categorized as neutral colors that pretty much accept any color into any decorating scheme. When you add red, a warm color, it creates a bold statement for any sort of space. Most often, we see red as a primary choice as an accent wall, which we think is one reason why this certain space commands attention. And well, we would want that in our bedrooms, won’t we?
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In a richly colored room, the cooling influence of black and white can be just what the doctor ordered. “Since the violet walls in this bedroom are very bold, the furniture and bedding needed to tone the look down,” says designer Brian Patrick Flynn, who chose art and bedding with a chic black, white and gray color scheme, for balance.
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Black paint can be just right in a bedroom — even one that’s light, bright and airy — if you use it judiciously. “Accent walls haven’t gone out of style, especially when done in chic colors,” says designer Dayka Robinson of Dayka Robinson Designs. “Don’t be afraid of a black focal wall. When combined with a bright accent color, graphic prints and eclectic accessories, the resulting look is bold, clean and modern.”
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Simple, but so sophisticated, black-and-white striped drapes create an instant focal point of an oversized window — and don’t have to cost a fortune, says designer Sarah Macklem of The Yellow Cape Cod, who made the window treatments herself. “I used iron-on fabric bonding tape to attach black fabric stripes to ready-made twill drapes, finishing the raw edge with grosgrain ribbon. This was a simple and inexpensive DIY project that had huge impact in the space. These drapes are a great example of black-and-white decor that is anything but boring.”
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“We all know there are thousands of different whites, but most people don’t realize that black comes in different shades as well,” says designer Erin Benedict of Benedict August Interiors and Design. “The black used in this project is actually chalkboard paint, which has its own magical quality. Chalkboard paint has a dead flat sheen and the chalk residue gives it a slightly mottled look (kind of like a barely perceptible faux finish). The combination gives it a lovely soft, velvety texture that we played up in this room by using it as a backdrop for the apple green high-gloss lacquered chest. The contrast is dramatic and fun. Also, the ‘white’ trim in this room is actually cream but it reads as a warm white because it contrasts against the black.”
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What’s with faux furs in bedroom? They give texture and drama to any space where we add them into. The red accents on the walls, on the bed, and small tidbits sure are stunning. Note that even the ceiling has reds in it.
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Don’t stick to gender stereotypes – It’s so liberating to break free from design convention and there’s nothing more refreshing than seeing a non-blue boy’s bedroom or non-pink girl’s space. There are so many options out there: plump for pillar-box red accents, a palette of soothing greens or even a smart charcoal blackboard paint feature wall, as seen here.

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