Kitchen Organization Hacks

Kitchen Organization Hacks

Last summer my husband and I gave our kitchen a makeover (see the entire Before & After project on my blog). Our 100-year-old house came with cabinets from the ’60s or ’70s that we didn’t want to replace. They looked completely different after we painted over the dark, streaky stain and replaced cheap-looking hardware, but it’s the behind-the-doors upgrades that have made the biggest functional difference. We were able to do all of them ourselves, and it’s amazing how much more we like using our kitchen now. So here are some useful kitchen hacks that I can recommend. Many of them are even renter-friendly, and could easily be removed and transferred to a new kitchen.
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Kitchen Organization Hacks

The most common problem in small and in large kitchens, is the problem with the organization of kitchen tools and supplies of food. In time all of us are going to collect a number of kitchen cooking tools and then occurs the problem with storage space. Room with small dimensions always seems crowded and often messy for the simple reason that it is difficult to organize the kitchen equipment. If you don’t have in your kitchen anymore place to store dishes and cutlery, it is time to change the way it is organized and concept that you have established the arrangement of the kitchen.
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Kitchen Organization Hacks

Then, slap on a coat of polyurethane, let it dry, hang up your pots and pans, and invite your friends over for a dinner party pronto. Even if you’re not a MasterChef, this brilliant and cheap kitchen organization solution will certainly make you look like one.
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Kitchen Organization Hacks

Unless you designed your kitchen from scratch, with a custom layout and cabinets, it’s probably not perfect for your needs. But new cabinets can quickly eat up a small remodeling budget, and re-designing the kitchen isn’t usually an option if you rent. I won’t even get into the environmental impact of trashing old cabinets and producing new ones. Fortunately there are a lot of clever DIY ways to make the most of your current kitchen cabinets.
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Kitchen Organization Hacks

It often happens that the kitchen counter is the first one to become cluttered with all sorts of unnecessary tools, utensils, ingredients and what not. If you want to have more space to prepare your cookie dough or you simply want your kitchen to be a bit more airy and spacious, then here are several ideas on how to de-clutter your kitchen counter.
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Kitchen Organization Hacks

Ever since blogger Tonya Staab and her family moved into their new home, she longed for more storage space in her kitchen. Since she uses her kitchen island for prepping meals, she came up with the idea of adding shelves under one side of the island. She uses the wooden crates to store vegetables, cans and recycling.
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Kitchen Organization Hacks

Efficiency is key when you have a small kitchen. All the necessary tools need to be within easy reach. Shelves can store tools and even art, as long as it is not overcrowded. Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS and author of The Kitchen Designer blog, enjoys finding solutions to create order in tight spaces.
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Kitchen Organization Hacks

Kids love playing in the kitchen while you work, but post-meal clean-up is enough of a drag without adding toys to the mix. Look for clever options like the one in this kitchen island. The kid-height, slide-out shelves collect everything from crayons to tots’ pots and pans.
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If you cook often, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of different herbs and spices. Having a spice rack to organize them is a huge help, but you might not think you have the space. There are many ways to fit a spice rack in spots you might not have considered, though. There are pre-made and DIY door-mounted spice shelves you might be able to fit in your cabinets, and you can get really creative with magnetic containers and standing racks that fit in narrow niches. Here are some more ideas. When we moved in to our house, we loved the vintage details like the fold-down ironing board in the kitchen. But I quickly realized that I was never going to iron in our kitchen, and the narrow, shallow cabinet would be perfect for a spice rack. So I converted it by removing the ironing board hardware, patching the holes, and adding shelves with shelf pins. Yes, we lost a cute historical detail, but I’ve been so happy with the practicality of the spice cabinet that I’d do it again.
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For many of us, kitchen is one of the places in our home where we spend a lot of time. Organizing and tidying up our kitchens is not an easy task, especially when we have limited room space and with so many stuffs and clusters like cooking tools, kitchen gadgets, utensils and supplies of food. Luckily, there are always …
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When organizing your kitchen, it’s easy to forget the dark area below the sink. Stop tossing in the miscellaneous cleaning supplies, and give them a space that’s all their own. By adding a small curtain rod below the sink, you will be able to hang your cleaning supply bottles while also opening up the bottom of the cabinet for other items.
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Look up. If you aren’t comfortable with open shelving at eye level, try limiting it to the row of cabinets near the ceiling. In this kitchen, the homeowner removed the upper cabinet doors to enlarge the feel of the compact space and add decorative interest without putting her entire kitchenware collection out in the open.
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There was no good spot for our garbage and recycling in our kitchen when we moved in. There wasn’t really room under the sink, and there wasn’t a spot for freestanding bins that wasn’t in the way of other stuff. So we decided to install pull-out bins in a cabinet, and they were the perfect solution. They keep our garbage and recycling easy to access, but out of the way. A tiny tip: If you have an extra inch or two, put a container of baking soda near the wall behind the bins to absorb odors.
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Drawer organizers might seem like an obvious kitchen solution, but if you have non-standard drawers or utensils, it might not be possible to buy an off-the-shelf version. I built my own out of wood and glue, and while I may modify them slightly for a snugger fit for the smallest spoons, they’ve been a much better solution than any I could buy.
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I try to use reusable kitchen cloths whenever possible, but paper towels certainly have their uses. (Personally, I draw the line at cleaning up cat hairballs with anything reusable.) So having paper towels someplace handy, but not out on the counter, was the goal. This simple mounting rack that I bought at a local hardware store installed with just a few screws, but you can also buy over-the-door versions that don’t require screws.
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I have to admit that in my case, adding this under-cabinet drawer was more for novelty than anything else. There was already an opening under one of my cabinets where there used to be ductwork and a heating register, so I converted it to a secret drawer, complete with push-to-open drawer slides and toe-kick trim on the front. It’s invisible if you don’t know it’s there, so it’s perfect for secret storage. Larger, more practical toe-kick drawers could actually be a storage boon in a tight kitchen, and you can build them yourself with this guide.
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Breaking: Your shelves have two surfaces perfect for organizing kitchen clutter. Place tins and bins on top, and hang mason jars filled with nuts, seeds, and spices underneath.
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7 Of 21 Hang OutBreaking: Your shelves have two surfaces perfect for organizing kitchen clutter. Place tins and bins on top, and hang mason jars filled with nuts, seeds, and spices underneath.Get the tutorial at Hildablue » Hildablue
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Breaking: Your shelves have two surfaces perfect for organizing kitchen clutter. Place tins and bins on top, and hang mason jars filled with nuts, seeds, and spices underneath.Get the tutorial at Hildablue »
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You just moved into your first one-bedroom apartment, and it’s alllll yours. You have big dreams for your new apartment life. And being able to cook in a kitchen that’s yours, and yours alone, is one of the many perks you’ve wanted, but couldn’t have, until now.
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Although this tutorial from The DIY Playbook is for a bathroom organizer, it’s so versatile that you can use it anywhere in your home. Including in your kitchen, where the mason jars would look particularly nice filled with spoons, forks, cooking utensils, and a few flowers to brighten things up.
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All you have to do is hang the wire basket from the ceiling in one of the corners of your kitchen. It’s great for storing garlic and onions on the top; bananas, avocados, and oranges in the middle; and bread and other large items in the bottom basket.
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If you cook for a lot of people in your tiny kitchen or just like to stock up on supplies, these in-cabinet wicker baskets might be perfect for you. They’re great for storing large amounts of potatoes, garlic, or onions out of sight and off your counters.

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